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With just one day left before we go to Scotland for a week and then to Islay, I find myself busy organising and packing for our trip. We leave on Friday 20 February (that's tomorrow already!) and make a wee tour around Scotland to the Borders, Highlands, Wester Ross, Morvern (to see Arra) and Mull before we head for Islay on 28 February where we stay for a week at Persabus. It will probably, and hopefully, be special to see the island so early in the year and we look forward to capture some beautiful wintry conditions as well as the first signs of spring. Blogging will continue and I have prepared some very nice pages and pictures so don't worry about that!

Tonight I will show you a video of a Dutch guy who visited Scotland last year mainly for the whisky distilleries so he ended up on Islay as well, of course I should add! The Highland distilleries he visited were Oban, Glengoyne, Auchentoshan and Dalwhinnie. We hope to visit the latter as well next week and, if we have the time, visit Blair castle to catch a glimpse of Europe’s only remaining private army which has its headquarters at the castle.

Back to the video, which is in fact not a real video but a compilation of pictures accompanied by Scottish music. Besides the Highland distilleries you can see most Islay distilleries as well and see some scenes from the island and the planting of the Dutch flag at Laphroaig. For some reason I never got round doing so, I rather went for the dram(s) instead! It's a pleasant video to watch and lasts for almost ten minutes. Enjoy!

For the Dutch readers I would like to point out a travel report written by Danny Goovaerts and published on the Dutch Islay Blog

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