Donovan - Isle of Islay

I have always wanted to write something about this song but never got round to actually doing so. The song I mean is about Islay and written (although I am not really sure about that) and sung by Donovan, also known as Donovan Phillips Leitch, who was born in Glasgow in 1946. Donovan is a Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist and probably best known from his song Atlantis. Well at least that is how I remember him. You can find more about Donovan on Wikipedia. I was triggered to write about this song when I found a video from someone else who featured it with one of my Jura pictures. I must say I like the original better, that's why I give you a youtube video of the song and the lyrics below. If you want to play the song yourself on guitar here is a link to the music. Enjoy!

How high the gulls fly
O'er Ilay
How sad the farm lad
deep in play
Felt like a grain on your sand

How well the sheep's bell
music makes
Roving the cliff
when fancy takes
Felt like a tide left me here

How blessed the forest
with birdsong
How neat the cut peat
laid so long
Felt like a seed on your land

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