Doctors Wanted to Take On an Island Parish

The BBC wrote today about a concern over rural medical cover in Scotland in which Islay and Jura were mentioned as well. The Islay Community Council wrote earlier: "The NHS confirmed that the Bowmore surgery would move to Bowmore Hospital... in addition reassurance was given by NHS that there are no plans to reduce the number of GPs practicing on Islay. In a further effort to publicise Islay’s need for a GP, the BBC (Eleanor Bradford) is scheduled to visit Islay on 29th January to carry out interviews with ICC and local doctors on the subject." The result of Eleanor Bradford's visit is available in the article I mentioned above from which I include a quote:

The islands of Islay and Jura are short of four GPs. Doctors on the two islands have to be on-call one night in five, which is believed to be deterring applicants. Dr Angus McTaggart has returned to Islay, where he grew up, after completing his medical training. His decision surprised his contemporaries. "Horror was their first reaction", he said. "Colleagues maybe feel they're not equipped to deal with all the situations we have to deal with, particularly out of hours. "The emergency department on Islay, which we cover, deals with everything from sprained fingers, to heart attacks, to car accidents." Over the last eight years many remote areas have struggled to find doctors willing to work out of hours. On Islay, residents plan to take matters into their own hands. They are going to place adverts themselves for doctors willing to take on "an island parish".

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