Diving for Islay Shipwrecks

A few years ago I had the privilage, and pleasure, to post a lengthy page with a lot of information about Islay's shipwrecks, courtesy of Peter Moir and Ian Crawford. Peter and Ian are the authors of the highly interesting book "Argyll Shipwrecks", not only a must for divers who are interested in visiting the wrecks but for everyone who is interested in the island's history. The book describes the locations of the many shipwrecks and gives detailed accounts of the events that lead to these disasters. One of the most terrible disasters in Islay's waters, besides the Otranto and Tuscania, was the loss of the emigrant ship Exmouth on 28th April 1847. The memorial of this tragedy can be found near Sanaigmore Bay.

A few years ago Peter Moir dived the wreck of the Exmouth and shot a video: "Dive video shot on 27th June 2010 while diving the wreck of SS Exmouth off Fifeness aboard the dive vessel Jacob George, operated by Marinequest of Eyemouth. Video shot by Peter Moir with scooter mounted video."

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A few days ago Peter Moir posted another video on Youtube of the Saint Tudwal, a small steam coaster that sank off Ardbeg in August 1934. The wreck lies in 59 metres and is covered in trawler nets along the port side and stern. The wreck was built by Swan Hunter in Newcastle and was launched in 1895. At date of loss she was enroled from Goole to Londonderry with 200 tons of coal that still fills her fore hold.

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More information on Islay's Shipwrecks:

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