Different Types of Weather on Islay

I love to write about the weather, mainly because I'm interested in it and it's also a reason to post beautiful images every now and then. With so many different types of weather and light the Islay landscape is subject to many a change. Take for instance the images a friend from Islay sent me last night, bright weather and cliffs near Saligo and snowy crags on the Rhinns all at the same time. The view below, taken from Kilchoman beach, is somewhat different from what we're used to and it doesn't happen often that there is snow on the Rhinns of Islay. It has been an amazing winter so far, the gales were absent for most part of the season and the sun has been making overtime. The images below show some of the types of weather which can be experienced in one day, and trust me, there can be a lot more!

Snowy crags on the Rhinns from Kilchoman Beach

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Snowy crags on the Rhinns from Kilchoman Beach

Islay's west coast at the same time

Dun Bheolain (Sydney Opera House Rocks) north of Saligo Bay

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