Day Trip from Islay to Colonsay

One of the many highlights of this years Islay holiday was a day trip to the neighbouring island of Colonsay. A trip to Colonsay from Islay was on our wish list for quite some time but everytime we tried to go the weather was not good enough. You always have to consider the weather when you go to Colonsay. If the weather deteriorates during the day there is a chance that you can't return to Islay that same day and you have to wait for the next ferry to Oban (usually the next day).

Colonsay Ferry Terminal at Scalasaig

This year we were finally lucky with the weather. On Wednesday the 4th of May the sun was shining and we went to Port Askaig, the three of us and our car. We had to pay 63 pounds for the tickets and around 10 am we were sailing north in the Sound of Islay to Scarasaig on Colonsay. The one hour journey is very pleasant, the views to this part of Islay are wonderful and there is always some excitement when you're arriving on a new island for the first time. Our first visit that day was to the local shop to make sure we had something to eat and drink during the day. You have to remember that you arrive back on Islay at 7.30 pm!

Kiloran Bay

Colonsay is a lovely and peaceful island with a clock that runs perhaps even slower than on Islay. There are a few great tourist attractions and one circular road which you can drive in an hour but who would want that? We used almost four hours to complete the circular route and we stopped at Kiloran Bay, without a doubt one of the most beautiful bays in the west of Scotland. Later on we walked almost all the way up to Oransay, we were lucky because of the low tide. Locals and some tourists, like Paul and Joan from an Taigh Osda who we met on Colonsay that day, took their car across to Oransay where you can visit the beautiful priory. Continue reading....

Between Colonsay at Oransay at low Tide

Early in the afternoon we visited the House of Lochar Bookshop in Kilchattan which is a must if you're into books. We also visited the local church opposite Colonsay Hotel and we had a beautiful walk and lovely coffee at Colonsay House and the Gardens. Just before the local brewery closed we managed a short visit and tasting. I was particularly keen on their lager so I took a few bottles back to Islay, a nice souvenir which didn't last very long... Around 5.30 we arrived back in Scalasaig for the ferry but not before we had a look at an art exhibition, part of the Colonsay spring festival. At 6.30 pm, a bit later than scheduled, the ferry took us back to Port Askaig where we arrived at 7.30 pm. It has been a perfect day out on a very enjoyable island, something we will certainly do again when we're on Islay next time.

Colonsay House seen from the Gardens

Colonsay House - Rose Garden

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