David Wood's Islay Hogmanay Trip

I don't know if you remember David Wood, I have written about him in August when he wrote about the Bunnahabhain Independent Bottling and later in September last year when I wrote about David and his pal Glen when they came over for a fishing and dramming trip. You'll probably remember David's website when I mention the name, dramming and fishing. David Wood, who also runs the wine and whisky website, is a very regular visitor of Islay: "Those who read my previous whisky related post will be fully aware of my regard for the Isle of Islay in the Hebrides and the fantastic whiskies that are made there. I visited for the first time in February 2005 with a group of customers and I've visited on average, once every eight weeks since then. I love Islay... and I have a windscreen sticker to prove it." Continue reading....

If you're visiting Islay every eight weeks chances are that you're likely to stay on the island in the quiet winter time and that's what David did. He visited Islay around Christmas and Hogmanay and wrote a really nice report of his trip and included some fantastic images. An interesting quote from David's blog is about the suprisingly good weather conditions on the island: "It really annoys me when folk, (usually English folk!) Presume that when you say you holiday in Scotland, you spend the whole time being rained upon and in desperate misery....and that is just the summer. I've visited Islay on around 30 occasions in the last 5 years and I can honestly say that, on the whole, the weather is always much warmer, and sunnier on this wee Hebridean Isle, than it is back home in the Staffordshire Moorlands." and later David writes""As ever the bird life was amazing. We saw many Buzzard, Hen Harrier, Curlew and on our walks on the "Peat Road" at Bunnahabhain, we were guided by a relay of eager Robins, much to the delight of the chasing Katie, our less than intelligent Flat Coated Retriever." After a great week he ends his blog post with some really good Islay promotion: "If you are into fishing, birding, walking or simply having a wonderful, relaxing time, I would recommend the Isle of Islay above and beyond anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Yes, it's heaven to the whisky enthusiast, but Islay is not just about distilling, it is an Island rich in flora and fauna, steeped in history and of incredible natural beauty. We're incredibly gutted to be leaving it today." And that's exactly how many visitors feel when they leave the island and why just as many decide to come back over and over again!

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