Tomorrow is Cycling D-Day for Jez from Islay

Jez Hastings, Islay's wilderness guide and friend, is going to attempt to break a record tomorrow together with his partner David Harmon, Eurosport cycling commentator. Regular readers might remember my earlier scribbles about this tandem team called Team Wiggle. On January 21st Team Wiggle was officially launched in London. The team was formed to try and break existing UK road racing records on a tandem. At this press conference they announced attempts to break the following records: Side to side - Pembroke to Gt Yarmouth - 380 miles under 17 Hours. Liverpool to Edinburgh in under 8 hours. 12 Hours - as many mile in that time! record is 279 at the moment. Later on they will also attack the End to End record, Land's End to John o'Groats which is 874 miles and Paris-Brest-Paris which is 745 miles.

Jez and David on their specially prepared "Rocket 1" built by Dolan Bikes

If all goes as planned tomorrow at 0400 hrs the team will depart from Pembroke Castle in Wales for a record attempt from "Side to Side", a ride of 363-miles across the widest part of the UK to Great Yarmouth in around 17 hours. The attempt will be made if weather permits and there is a chance that they will depart on Sunday morning. Today the Team Wiggle Twitter page was busy with updates all day and I can recommend this page for further updates and other interesting snippets from the team. The official team website, has a lot of information and pictures too and if the attempt is underway you can also follow them on

All that's left for me to say is to wish the team good weather, a very succesful record attempt and many pies to keep them going!

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