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Many regular Islay visitors and locals must have noticed the increase in the number of cyclists visting the island. It looks like more and more people consider Islay a cycling destination and I think they are right. The roads are quiet, the villages are not too far apart, the landscape is magnificent, wildlife watching can be part of your cycling trip (it's hard not to notice any wildlife while doing so) and there are not many hills to climb, well a couple here and there, ok. The brains behind the increase in the number of cyclists on Islay are located in an office in Bowmore, brian palmer of the Ileach, and a cottage in Port Charlotte, where you can find Jez Hastings, a fanatic cyclist and five star wilderness guide. They each have their own individual cycling activities and they share some as well. Besides being good friends and training partners they are both members of the Velo Club d'Ardbeg and they also run the Port Mor Wheelers together.

This article is an introduction for this weeks cycling related posts and it will end on Sunday with images and information about the Ride of the Falling Rain. So what can you expect this week? Information from the Port Mor Wheelers, an exciting new cycling and birding initiative by Jeremy Hastings, hopefully a couple of videos, a preview of this Sunday's Ride of the Falling Rain and other snippets I can find here and there. For now I will leave you with an nice black and white image of the Velo Club d'Ardbeg members in front of Debbies and the promise that there will be a lot more cycling related stuff in the next days.

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