The Ultimate Islay Fishing Experience

You may simply like the idea of catching and eating your own food. You may have your own trials and challenges to face. Join us on this voyage of discovery to replicate a journey that is not only physical, mental and spiritual but also challenging, joyous and celebratory. You will experience true wilderness; discover latent skills and the fascination of stalking and catching wild brown trout in the far hills - accessible only by foot; make your home in caves which have sheltered travellers like yourself for thousands of years.....

You might wonder what this is all about... Besides being an excellent five star host on Birding Trips, Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding also runs Islay Bushcraft. Together with Bison Bushcraft they have organized the ultimate Islay Fishing experience in May called Cuiart Breac. This is a five-day fishing expedition stalking the wild brownies on Islay's numerous and remote lochs. Food, fly rods and tackle are provided for and there are three places left. This trip is planned to take place in the period from 19-24 May. More information is available at

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