From Crois Mhor cottage to Gortantaoid Farm

After the rain of last week the weather has now improved considerably. The air is bright and clear giving beautiful sunsets such as this one from Teresa Morris of Islay Wildscapes. Most of you will recognise this cottage on the shores of Loch Gruinart. The name is Crois Mhor and you can find this cottage on the eastern shore halfway between Craigens Farm and the deserted farmhouse of Killinallan. The cottage is a great place to be and to enjoy the stunning surroundings. I remember a couple of years ago when we parked our car here in beautiful weather and sat here for hours, doing nothing and enjoying the sounds and sights of Loch Gruinart. A stunning and unique place to be, specially during a beautiful sunset such as below.

Crois Mhor Cottage at Sunset

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Crois Mhor Cottage at Loch Gruinart

Just beyond Crois Mhor you can make a beautiful beach walk to Killinallan Point which is backed by some very beautiful dunes. Watch our for seals on the sandbanks in the loch when you walk up to the point, I managed to see them by the dozens and observing them is a great way to lose all feeling of time. If you follow the track from Crois Mhor you pass the now deserted Killinallan Farm and end up at Gortantaoid, another deserted farmhouse in a stunning location. Jeremy Hastings told me that in earlier days sheep were gathered here by the thousands. The area is quite flat and closer to the shore are caves, arches and stunning views to Ardnave point and Colonsay. An area well worth exploring and in fact, the whole Loch Gruinart area is one of our favourite places on Islay. There is a lot more to tell about this stunning area but it's best if you discover for yourself.

Killinallan Farm

Gortantaoid Farm

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