Website Up for Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships Islay

Brian Turner, also known as Islay Fisher, made a comment on the Fly fishing article to let us know that the website for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships is now up and running, cheers Brian. Earlier in the week Iain Earle contacted me about it and I promised him to write something on the blog about the new website which contains a lot of information for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships which will be held on Islay from the 15th -20th of June 2009.

About the website, and I want to start with some good words from the organisation, and I quote: "We would point out at this stage the invaluable help and support received from the members of Port Ellen Angling Club, also express our gratitude to the estates and riparian owners of the Championship venues without whose help and cooperation we would have been unable to host the Championship." The website contains a lot of practical information, pictures, a links section and most important of all a comprehensive section about the championships on Islay. In this section there's a draft programme, an overview of the teams with pictures, so far the only picture is the one from the Scottish team but the others will probably follow shortly. The championships will be held in four lochs; Loch Gorm, Loch Kinnabus, Loch Finlaggan and Loch Ballygrant and the practice venues are Loch Skerrols, Loch Lossit, Loch Ardnahoe, School Loch and Loch Nan Cadhan.

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