Commonwealth Fly Fishing Tournament Parade Video

The fly fishing championships are well underway and so far the Scottish team is doing excellent. After two sessions on Wednesday 18 June the Scottish team is first with 69820 points, second is the English team with 54780 points and currently third are the South Africans with 43580 points. The results of each day are posted on the official website in the results section, if you like to stay up to date!

The official opening took place on Monday 15 June and as usual the Ileach crew was present to capture the big parade on video. Unfortunately the weather was rainy but it was a nice parade after all. Speaking of which, I'm told that warm and sunny weather isn't the thing the fishermen are hoping for, cloudy and windy weather seems to provide the best conditions and that's what they had on Wednesday and today as well. Below the video from the parade, enjoy!

The Commonwealth Fly Fishing Tournament Parade from ileach newspaper on Vimeo.

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