Claggain Bay and Ardtalla Beach Islay

After the previous five beautiful walks the weather deteriorated somewhat on Friday, there were rain showers and a strong northerly wind so we had to find a sheltered walk. When the sun came out later in the afternoon we headed for Claggain Bay, 10 miles from Port Ellen direction Kildalton, where we parked the car and walked to the secluded beach at Ardtalla. You can park your car either directly at Claggain Bay in the grass or you can drive up the hill at the end of the bay and park in the parking space on the right. To access the beach you first need to cross a gate and follow the track to the right. After you pass the first stone wall you need to head down (right) to the beach over the field (see map). Try to avoid the cattle, especially when they have calves.

The beach itself is small but beautiful and quite sheltered from cold westerly and northerly winds. With a bit of luck you can spot a lot of wildlife. When we accessed the beach a Sea Eagle took off from the rocks in the distance and on our return we enjoyed four seals playing in the bay. This is a rather short walk, around 30 minutes to an hour, with plenty of things to see and enjoy!

Ardtalla Beach

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Ardtalla Beach looking south

North side of the beach

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