Ciara and Family back on Islay

Ciara Allan, who suffered from a stroke due to a brain haemorrhage at the age of three, has now completed all 30 Proton Therapy Treatments at the Procure Proton Therapy Clinic in Oklahoma. The community on Islay raised a substantial amount of money to help pay for the special treatment in the US. On her return to the UK she will not have to undergo an MRI scan for at least four to six weeks, to allow the brain to recover from the swelling caused by the radiation treatment. It will be a long worrying wait until the final results are obtained.

Ciara was granted an amazing opportunity from the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation Oklahoma receiving a funded visit in January to Disney World Florida for six days, where she had a magical but exhausting time. Ciara’s mum Lloret, said it was “a wonderful opportunity” for all three of her children who have endured so much over the past years. The family were due back on Islay last weekend.

Story published with kind permission of the Ileach