Charity Marathon Starts on Islay

Simon Johnson, a firefighter from Tyneside (UK) is going to undertake an epic journey over several mountains and islands on the Inner Hebrides covering the distance equivalent to six marathons. His challenge will start on the 25th of May on Islay. Simon will be raising money for the charity Debra, which is for people suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). I haven't found more info yet on how to sponsor Simon, but I will post somthing here when I do. A quote from the Shields Gazette:

The first race begins on the island Islay next month, and then the 31-year-old will be getting the ferry over to the island Jura. The run is the equivalent to six marathons. He said: "The race is for six days and the longest day will cover 30 miles. On these races I also have to carry my own back pack. You are completely self-sufficient – you have to carry your food, water, clothes, everything except a tent. On my last run I asked a fellow runner what charity he was running for. He told me about this little girl who suffered from EB. So this year I thought I'd run for the girl but unfortunately she has passed away, so I looked up which charity helps and Debra have been doing it for a lot of years."

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