Changing Weather on Islay

If you look at the pictures below it's hard to believe that they are taken only one day after the Atlantic storm that has hit Scotland and caused 80 mph wind gusts on Islay. Carl Reavey mentioned the speed of the weather changes on Islay to be a very ancient cliché, yesterday on the Islay Natural History Trust Blog, and he posted a picture of Loch Indaal titled "A Calm winter's evening" to prove it. I myself am also very impressed with the rapidly changing weather on Islay, in my opinion it is one of the many things that make this island so special. Another thing that makes Islay so special is the presence of the Isle of Jura and its majestic Paps, especially when they are covered in snow and look as if they are attached to Islay. Put in front the lighthouse at Port Charlotte and you have one of the finest views on the island. A special thanks to Martine Nouet from Nerabus for sharing this beautiful picture with us and to show you that the winds have really gone there is a second image taken from the bird hide at Loch Gruinart, also taken by Martine.

Port Charlotte Lighthouse and The Paps of Jura covered in Snow

All is quiet and peaceful at Loch Gruinart

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