Changes on Islay Info Jan 2013

In the last weeks there have been some changes on the Islay Info website, nothing too dramatic though, merely an update of a few pages and a new page. One of the updated pages is the Restaurants, Pubs and Bars on Islay page. The previous version was a bit of a mess. The new page now has pictures of all the Islay Restaurants and has updated text and new listings.

A new page has been added for Kilnave Chapel and Cross, for some strange reason I never got round to make a dedicated page for this important historical site, that has now been corrected. Visit for more info.

Starting this year the accommodation owners on Islay could opt-in for a higher position in the accommodation listings which are sorted in alphabetical order. The featured listings are easy to recognise, they appear on the top of the listing pages, the titles are in red and the images have a nice border to make them stand out more. Have a look in the accommodation section to see the new pages.

More changes are underway, stay tuned for news here on this blog, thanks!

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