Changes at Ardbeg Distillery Islay

We have been to Ardbeg Distillery today for lunch with a friend and to pick up two bottles of Ardbeg Perpetuum, which is fabulous, as I was offered a complimentary dram after lunch, thanks!. This bottling is particularly special, some already call it a cult whisky, as it is sold in the distillery only and bottled to celebrate the 200th birthday of Ardbeg Distillery. The official name is The Ardbeg Perpetuum Distillery Release Bicentenary Committee Release. Each person can buy max 2 bottles and the price for one is £70. My purchase however will not stay on Islay as it was a favour for a friend in Poland who couldn't make it to Islay this year.

Now about those changes.... As we turned right from the main road we were very surprised to see many changes in front of the distillery. In fact, the entire landscape has changed and it's funny that I couldn't even remember how it looked like before. You probably know what I mean right? The changes I'm writing about are part of the relocation of the current parking space which is now in front of the distillery. The new location will be more to the side of the distillery and the current parking space will become a pedestrians only zone. A good improvement in my opinion. Continue reading...

A nice new feature, a big copper still, has also been added in front of the distillery, on an elevated position, to separate the pedestrian area from the entrance to the car park. I'm sure once it's ready it will be beautiful. Today however there was a lot of construction work going on. Let's hope it will be ready before Ardbeg will celebrate their 200th birthday party on Saturday 30th of May during the whisky festival.

The new Copper Still at Ardbeg Distillery

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