Redesigned Islay Websites for Ardbeg, Quilters and INHT

This is the first time as far as I can remember that I spend a blog post about changed Islay websites, instead of new ones. It just so happens that three websites have recently been redesigned and brought to modern standards. The most eyecatching site in my opinion is the one from Ardbeg distillery, which has been completely redesigned, and yes, I love the bottom part of the new site with the Port Ellen "skyline", just brilliant! I don't know when this new site came online but I found out about it today. The changes on the Ardbeg website consist mainly of interactive elements and animations if you compare it with the old website. There is a lot more to "see and do" on their new site such as a section titled "Gigs and Yarns with local stories, there is an interactive map with Islay images, a Wall of fame where anyone can join and lots more. Of course there is a section for the committee members, a news section with the latest tweets and last but not least the shop. Overall a very nice website but due to all the animations built in Adobe Flash you cannot watch the site with an iPad/iPhone because Adobe Flash is not supported by Apple's operating system. To compensate this they have built a free Ardbeg App for the iPhone/iPad although it's a pity that the link to this app doesn't show when you open the site on your iPad/iPhone.

There are two more sites I'd like to mention. The first one is the new site for the Islay Quilters, the happy cheerful ladies at Islay House Square who make those beautiful quilts. If you are on Islay you should really try to visit their store in Bridgend but if you can't make it make sure to visit their new website, it's just as colourful as the ladies who work there!

The third new site I'd like to mention is the redesigned website for the Islay Natural History Trust. Carl already announced it yesterday on the INHT blog and I'm very proud to say that I myself am responsible for the redesign of their new website. The Islay Natural History Trust is an important charity on Islay and through the new site hopefully more visitors will find their way to the wildlife centre and/or become a member to support the trust. I'd like to invite you all to have a look at the new Islay Natural History Trust website.

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