A Celebration of Islay's Coastline

On 6th May 2008 Becky Williamson completed her circumnavigation of the Isle of Islay. It had taken almost four years to complete and raised over £500 for the Marine Conservation Society. Islay has approximately 120 miles of beautiful, rugged coastline and yet much of it is marred by the ugly presence of plastic, discarded fishing equipment and other flotsam and jetsam. The Marine Conservation Society champions the need for marine wildlife protection, sustainable fisheries and clean seas and beaches.

During Becky's walk she took hundreds of photographs and selected over a hundred to include in a book titled "Islay's Coastline", which is a celebration of Islay's magnificent coastline. The photographs are ordered in a clockwise sequence round the island and are accompanied by seven hand-drawn maps. This is a beautiful keepsake or gift for anyone with a love of the Isle of Islay. Check out Beckies Blog to get an idea of what she has done. The first edition of her book was available early last year but due to high production costs Becky had to stop the project. This year she teamed up with Fiona MacGillivray, known from Green Bug Productions. Fiona is now publishing Becky's book for a much cheaper price of £10.99, for those who had any doubts last year, this is your chance to get your hands on this beautiful photo book. For more info contact Becky direct by email: enquiries@solus-is-sith.co.uk or phone: 01496 810 709.

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