Carbon Dating Results of Record McTears Whisky

Following the articles in the Ileach questioning the provenance of the ?1851? Mutter Bowmore which commanded a world record price for a bottle of whisky at McTears of Glasgow back in September the whisky consultant Martin Green has written to us as follows: The carbon dating results show that the spirit was produced between 1808 amd 1854, thus my description was accurate as described as Circa 1850. As I explained, the reason we decided to have the spirit authenticated was three fold, to protect potential buyers, to protect the Bowmore brand name and to protect the Scotch Whisky Industry in general. Using my own expertise and the expertise of Morrison Bowmore Distillers, I consulted with Bowmore every step of the way over the sale of this rarest bottle of single malt to have appeared at auction to date and we are delighted that it fetched such a high price worthy of the quality and rarity of the bottle in question.

Oldest whisky known to be in existence Iain Russell of the Scottish Brewing Archive told the Ileach that the radio carbon date indicated that the whisky from the Mutter bottle must indeed be the oldest known to be in existence, but maintained that this does not alter his opinion that the bottle in which the whisky is held, and the label on that bottle, date from much later than 1851.

This story was published with kind permission from the Ileach local newspaper.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2008
Can I point out that what I actually said to the Ileach was "IF IT WERE TRUE THAT THE WHISKY WAS MADE 1808-1854" then it might be the oldest in existence. Of course there is no scientific proof that the whisky was made during that period.

And like a growing number of people, I believe that the bottle is from a much later period.

Happy New Year to all.

Iain Russell