Three People Died in Accident near Bridgend

I just read shocking news on the BBC Website about a car crash on Islay near Bridgend:

Three die in four-vehicle crash Three people have been killed in a crash involving four vehicles on a Scottish island, police have said. The crash happened on the A846 near Bridgend on Islay at about 1750 GMT on Tuesday. Two cars, a Skoda pick-up truck and a lorry were involved. The road has been closed to allow accident investigations to take place. Strathclyde Police said they could not provide details of the age or gender of the victims at this stage. They appealed for witnesses to contact them.

Update: Police accident investigators have closed the A846 near Bridgend. A volunteer firefighter was among three people killed in a serious road crash on Islay on Tuesday, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue has confirmed. The crash happened on the A846 near Bridgend at about 1750 GMT on Tuesday. Two cars, a Skoda pick-up truck and a lorry were involved. The road has been closed to allow accident investigations to take place.

Strathclyde Police said further details would be issued in due course and appealed for witnesses to contact them. Paul Connelly, Area Commander for Argyll and Bute with Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, arrived on Islay on Wednesday morning. "It's with great sadness that I can confirm that one of the dead was a volunteer firefighter," he said. "The whole community here has been badly shaken by this tragedy. "I have come to Islay with two colleagues - one of whom is a service clergyman - to offer our support."

Update from A close-knit island community is in mourning after three people - including a farmer and his young son - were killed in a road crash. Dougald MacTaggart, 38, and his son Jamie, 10, died when their pick-up truck was involved in a four-vehicle smash near his parents' house on Islay. A third man, Neil MacFadyen, 47, who worked on Mr MacTaggart's farm and was in the same vehicle, was also killed in the accident on Tuesday evening.

Their pick-up was involved in a head-on collision with a tipper lorry on the A847 near Bridgend at around 5.50pm. The 52-year-old male driver of the lorry was treated in hospital for shock, before being allowed to go home. Two other cars were also involved in the accident. Police, fire and ambulance crews went to the scene and the road was closed for a time. Mr MacTaggart leaves behind a wife Fiona and two other young children, locals said. He worked on his parents' farm of Uisk Entuie near Bridgend and lived with his family nearby. Locals said his parents still live in the farmhouse, which is on the stretch of road where the accident happened.

Someone from Islay told me this morning: "The accident happened on the strand at Uiskentuie, near where a track goes up to a dump (see picture taken this afternoon). The road still is closed with a diversion via Loch Gorm and the RSPB visitor centre. As at 10.15 am a heavy recovery vehicle (which had come off that mornings ferry) was removing the Grain lorry from the scene." Later the same person said: "Well the road is still closed, accident investigators are working at the scene also the council have been putting grit down on the road surface. The lorry and pickup were removed at 11.40, the pickup leaving on a lowloader under a blue tarpaulin. Both vehicles will have been taken onto the mainland for further accident and safety investigation." The Laddieblog wrote about the terrible tragedy as well. Click here. The Press and Journal published a lengthy article with more background information.

Without words......

My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and friends of the people that lost their lives in this tragic accident.

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George Rhind

Wednesday, 03 December 2008
The whole island is in a state of shock and disbelief that such a tragedy could have taken place. Everyone on the island and further afield, I am sure, would like to express their sympathy and support for the bereaved familes and I would like to suggest that the Islay Weblog thinks about opening an e-Book of Condolence where anyone who wants can sign in.

George Rhind.