Calmac Blasts Back at Western Ferries

Yesterday I wrote about the allegations that Gordon Ross from Western Ferries made at Calmac, blaming Calmac of running a subsidised loss-making service, blocking entrance to Western Ferries Ships to Dunoon and not providing proper facilities for Islay's Distillers. After these comments from Western Ferries last week, Calmac responded to the accusations made by Gordon Ross. Chairman Peter Timms from Calmac states: I would not normally comment on the views of another ferry operator, however in remarks attributed to him in the article, Mr Ross has misstated CalMac's position in several respects. Mr Ross states that CalMac controls ‘all the portage and berthing’ at Dunoon and that we ‘don’t even try to open it out to other traffic’: this is simply untrue as the pier facilities are owned and operated by Argyll & Bute Council.

Mr Timms continues: 'Finally he mentions Islay. Over the last several months, CalMac has been working with the distillers on Islay and the Scotch Whisky Association to accommodate their increased production. We believe the outcome of this is in the best interests of all our customers on Islay, including the distillers: details will be made available publicly shortly, once the Scottish Executive have completed their evaluation of our tender.'

Looks like good news after all for the Islay Distillers. Or perhaps in this case: Where two Ferry companies are fighting, the Islay Distilleries win. to be continued.....

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