Calmac Statement on Current Islay Ferry Problems

Calmac issued the following statement re the current travel chaos due to the single vessel service. Fingers crossed that this time they do want to consider a Plan B for future eventualities. For now, and to all those affected, please read the following info carefully:

We are operating a one vessel service on this route while MV Hebridean Isles is in dock for repairs. We will do our utmost to help if you're affected by changes to the service.

To help ease congestion, we are carrying out berthing trials with cargo ship, MV Red Princess (picture). MV Red Princess cannot carry passengers but will be able to transport 20 cars or a number of commercial vehicles. More on that in a separate Press Release

We are making every effort to fulfil expectations and customers can still cross to the island as foot passengers on MV Finlaggan, our staff are on hand to help with luggage and assist you during your journey.
We are doing our best to ship all cars on MV Finlaggan sailings, however cars can be left at Kennacraig and will be taken over to the Island on the next available sailing. Continue reading...

What we will do

If you decide to travel as a foot passenger and leave your car:

  • We will provide extra support with any luggage when boarding and disembarking the ship and getting to your destination.
  • We will provide FREE transport to your destination AND return transport from your destination to your port of departure.

If you had a confirmed booking and you're now wait listed:

Please arrive at the port, if space is not available on the day,

  • We will ship your car on a later sailing the same day, just travel as a foot passenger.
  • We will provide extra support with any luggage both boarding and disembarking the ship.
  • We will provide FREE transport to your destination AND return transport to pick up your car from Port Ellen or Port Askaig.

We appreciate the impact to customers, our teams are working to resolve this and we apologise sincerely for the situation.

View Kennacraig - Islay Temporary Timetable

Image of "Red Princess" by Twitter user @kirkc118