Your Vote Needed for a Calmac Ferry Lego Model

If you would like to see your child or grandchild play with a Lego model of a Calmac Ferry then please read on and support young Luke Ball from Kilmarnock. Luke is 15 years old and he has a dream. He wants to see a Lego model of Calmac Ferry Loch Shira, which he designed himself, going into production. But, for that he need to get a lot of votes for his proposal on the Lego website. Currently he has a little over 3,000 votes and he needs at least 10,000 votes and he has only 39 days left to achieve this.

Luke’s ferry design was inspired by happy family journeys on the Firth of Clyde and took him many hours to put together. Without a groundswell of support, though, his design won’t make it onto the desks of the Lego executives. But supporters can help at “I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I can reach the 10,000 votes,” said Luke. “We are in Scotland on holiday just now and my mum and dad have made lots of little postcard flyers with details of how to support this. CalMac has organised for us to put these onto some of the boats and into some of the ports, so we hope enough people will see them and vote. continue reading....

“Registering to vote is really quick, but I think it might have put some people off. It’s just so that there’s only one vote per person and there aren’t loads of Lego emails after that – but I can see why people might be worried there would be. So I hope that those who have been a little bit put-off before might think again. Liking it on Facebook isn’t enough either – only votes on the Lego Ideas site will count. With only a few days to go, I hope that lots of people will take a bit of time to support it. I’d absolutely love it to be considered for production – I think it would make a great Lego model and I’d be really chuffed.”

Lego Model of the Loch Shira Ferry

Luke was invited to visit the real life MV Loch Shira for a special tour on the bridge with the masters and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “We’re very happy to give Luke a last helping hand to try and get all the votes he can” said CalMac’s Director of Customer Sales and Marketing Graeme MacFarlan. “He’s done a fantastic job on the model and it would be terrific if his dream could come true. We’re right behind him here at CalMac!”

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