Calmac alert system changes

Ferry operator CalMac is changing the way it alerts customers to disrupted services following feedback from passengers. An additional service status of yellow is being added to the existing green, amber and red categories on their website to give passengers clearer information about potential disruption.

Calmac director of operations Drew Collier said: “We asked the public what we could do to make their journey easier in the face of weather disruption and the overwhelming response was that they wanted more information. Feedback told us that the existing amber alert covered too broad a range of situations and caused confusion. This new yellow alert now separates out potential disruption from actual disruption on a route. Weather on the west coast of Scotland will always be a challenge so giving customers as much accurate, up to date information as possible will allow them to plan their journey to take account of all eventualities.”

Calmac Alerts from 11th of April 2016 onwards

  • Green Alert: Nothing to report, ferries sailing according to timetable
  • Yellow Alert: Customers have to remain aware and check for updates to their service before travelling, as there is a possibility of disruption
  • Amber Alert: To inform customers that one or more sailings are disrupted. This includes significant delays , cancelled sailings, suspended sailings, diverted sailings or vessels turned back unable to berth.
  • Red Alert: To indicate that all sailings on a route are cancelled for the remainder of the day.

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