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The regular readers may have noticed a wee change on the blog, or perhaps two wee changes. The first one is the background colour which has changed from grey to gold(ish) which has a special reason, but more about that later! The second change is the image showing the For Argyll buttons on the left hand side, which I won at the forArgyll.com website awards. That was not an easy thing to do, because basically I am more the sort of person who disapproves selfpromotion. On the other hand, I respect the work and efforts of the For Argyll team very much and furthermore I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and sent me so many supportive and heartwarming emails. Therefore I regard the buttons not only a reward, but also a motivation for the future. In this respect I think it's good to publish the citations for each of the awards: Continue reading....Islay Weblog: Best Blog and Best Community Website This website emerged the winner in not one but two closely fought award categories, each of which recorded a huge and internationally widespread vote. It was evident in the nominations and in the votes that this website is regarded both by the islanders of Islay, which it exists to serve and by visitors and would-be visitors as an inventive and informative representative of an important place. The fact that this site is so strongly embedded in its place and held in such affection by it is the strongest possible evidence of an exemplary online service, particularly since it is produced by an honorary Ileach in the Netherlands.

Islay Info: Best Tourist Website In a notably energetic and high voting local, national and international award category, Islay Info was, in the end, a clear winner. The site is marked by its attention to detail in the information it provides, the spectrum of interests, resources and facilities it covers and the love of place which, almost on its own, would draw others to come there. Its nominations mentioned help and advice offered promptly in response to individual enquiries and at a level beyond the most optimistic expectations. Both nominations and votes evidenced local appreciation of the service the site provides and its impact on international visitors.

For a complete overview of winners and citations click here

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Spirit of Islay

Sunday, 01 February 2009
Congratulations Ron ! 3 thoroughly deserved awards for all your hard work and devotion ! Slainté Gordon

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