Environment Seminar at Bruichladdich Distillery

Charlotte Ball from UHI contacted me yesterday about a business seminar at Bruichladdich distillery called "How can my business meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century?" The seminar is aimed at local businesses and is organised by UHI and as Charlotte said, "it is quite relevant to the article on the Weblog about a family who live on off-grid supplies. Below the information she sent me:

You are warmly invited to attend a HI Links UHI event which will focus on how local businesses can become more sustainable and cost efficient. The event will take place on Tuesday 2nd March from 1200-1400 at the Bruichladdich Distillery and will include lunch and distillery tour. Continue reading....

In the coming decade food, energy and localized self sufficiency will become one of the greatest challenges for the global economy. Rural and remote locations may be disproportionately affected, and this may have huge implications for your business. The event will demonstrate how local businesses can utilise waste management solutions which can help save your business money, as well as become more environmentally friendly. John Currie, Director of the Scottish Energy Centre at Edinburgh Napier University will highlight some innovative techniques for identifying energy wastage in business (with specific examples drawn from the whisky industry) and the role of renewable energy technologies in mitigating primary energy demand.

We will also hear from Simon Glen from Glasgow Caledonian Environment Centre how as a business, you can help ensure off-grid supplies of vital utilities such as, food & energy and how University experts can help develop and tailor solutions for your business. The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) will also discuss how businesses can use their services to take a fresh look at their resources and identify changes which can benefit their business as well as the environment. The event has been organised by UHI HI Links, a free service helping companies to develop business ideas and solutions in collaboration with Scotland’s academic experts.

Who should attend? The seminar is aimed at businesses and individuals from all sectors who would like to find out what how they can develop their off grid supplies, improving sustainability and cost efficiency through working with some of Scotland’s leading academics. We anticipate that presentations and more formal part of the event will finish at 12:30, with a light buffet to follow. Attendance at the event is free but please contact Charlotte Ball by email charlotte.ball@uhi.ac.uk or phone 01463 279 368 to book a place at the event or for more information.

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