BTCV Natural Talent on Islay

The British Trust For Conservation Volunteers, BTCV, is a charity that was set up in 1959, and has a successful history of environmental conservation volunteering throughout the UK and around the world. More information can be found at One activity of this charity organisation is the National Talent program. "Natural Talent aims to train the next generation of naturalists through a unique apprenticeship scheme which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund." On the BTCV Natural Talent Blog I found a video today from a guy called John who works for the BTVC. In the video he interviews Cathy, who is on Islay, and asks about her experiences as an apprentice. Cathy is shown in the video doing field work near Gruinart where she extracts pollen from mining bees for research purposes. Mining bees are solitary living bees and nest in burrows in the sand. The voices on the video are sometimes hard to understand due to wind in the microphone but it's nevertheless interesting to watch.

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