Bruichladdich going strong

Bruichladdich distillery has doubled its profits and become the fourth biggest selling malt in the important Russian Market. Maverick independent Islay distillery Bruichladdich saw profits rise 101% to £403,000 for 2005.

The privately owned distiller on the island of Islay, home to six other internationally-owned distilleries, was relaunched from mothballs in May 2001 following the acquisition from Jim Beam for £7.5m.

Chairman Sir John Mactaggart, an Islay estate owner, commented: “This is another encouraging performance. Bruichladdich punches above it’s weight in a sector dominated by multinationals. These profits are reinvested in increased production, new environmentally friendly boiler and a new high speed bottling line ”.

“Our simple, honest message of natural whisky from barley to bottle is hitting home – not only in the UK but Russia too where we are the fourth largest selling single malt.”

Bruichladdich provocatively markets it’s whisky as natural. It is bottled without chill-filtration or colouring to maximise the flavour and texture of the unpeaty spirit.

CEO Mark Reynier: “We go completely against the industry grain. There is no distant head office. The company is entirely run from the island. We distil, mature and bottle here.”

“Our spirit is the purest in Scotland. We produce whisky for wine drinkers. A variety of sophisticated styles to suit different uses like aperitif, afternoon, digestif, and night cap”.

Recent innovations such as the strongest whisky in the world, “X4 - Perilous Whisky”, have been criticised by the Scotch Whisky Association as being ‘irresponsible’.

Reynier responds: “I agree with Dali: ‘The jealousy of the discontented is the barometer of success’. The SWA does sterling work for the industry. But we are not the Industry.”

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