Bruichladdich Staff Toasting the new Washback

The work on the new washback at Bruichladdich is almost completed which was a good reason for a celebration yesterday evening. Mark Unsworth from Islay Studios was there and took a few very nice pictures. I like the picture of the two "hobbit sized guys", Duncan McGillivray and "Budgie" in the washback. It shows the sheer size of this new wooden vat which is 5.5 metres tall by 4.25 height and holds a staggering 40,000 litres! The Laddie Blog has more information and pictures from the earlier stages of construction.

Duncan McGillivray and "Budgie" inside the new washback

The builders of the washback

Duncan McGillivray, Douglas Clyne, The "Budgie", Isobel MacFadyen and Mary MacLellan
who were all relatives of John Campbell who built the original washback which has
now been replaced.

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