Bruichladdich Rocks

The title of this post has nothing to do with the bottle of Bruichladdich Rocks someone gave me last week on Islay (thanks Petra). It refers to another new expression of Bruichladdich and there is more positive news from the progressive hebridean distillers. Lets start with a new kid on the block:

Bruichladdich Distillery is replacing the present 15yr old bottling with a 16yr old "All American Classic with a French connection". This new release is called "Bourbon 16", is 100% matured in bourbon casks and comes in very neat packaging, well done! This is what the distillery has to say about it:

Bruichladdich has released an all American Classic with French royal family and a revolutionary war connections - The Bourbon 16. New Bourbon laws, when US Prohibition ended in 1933, stated casks must be used just once before being sold off. Today redundant Bourbon barrels represent about 97% of casks used for maturing Scotch whisky. Their influence on Scotch is enormous. These casks are made from Quercus Alba, white oak, also known as American Oak from the Ozark mountains of Missouri and Kentucky. Tyloses, or celluar growths, make this oak more water-tight meaning it can be machine-worked, use thinner staves, reducing coopering costs. Continue reading.....'Our American Classic, the Bourbon 16', says MD Mark Reynier, 'makes a great contrast to our French oak 'First Growth' series. 'We wanted to reaffirm the American connection: The end of Prohibition changed not only America but the flavour of Scotch Whisky. 'Scotch and American whiskies are historically linked. It’s a symbiotic cycle: we gave them distilling, so they can sell us cheap casks.'

But there is more to Bruichladdich Distillery. Not only did they release another great malt, they were also announced 21st century fastest growing distillery, according to an article on the Laddie Blog.

Bruichladdich, despite being a small, independent, private Scottish company with a pretty much non-existent marketing budget, it is now ranked 15th best selling single malt distillery in the UK ahead of Bowmore, Lagavulin, Glenfarclas, Cragganmore, Oban and others. Sales have grown by 1000% since we started just 7 years ago now, compared to industry growth of 18.7% in the same time frame. Bruichladdich is the fastest growing UK single malt distillery. Overseas, Bruichladdich is ranked 25th best selling single malt distillery out of 90 or so – despite being the only single malt in the top 25 not to sell in duty free or European supermarkets during this period. Again, we are the fastest growing single malt distillery brand in the top 25, growing 11 times faster than other single malt distillery brands over this period.

On a personal note Mark Reynier, MD of Bruichladdich Distillery, added: "I believe Bruichladdich is the twenty-first century's fastest growing distillery in an industry dominated by huge multinational companies, thanks to our determination to offer customers exciting variety, premium quality, unique individuality, educational stimulation, ultimate originality, enterprising innovation and traceable authenticity. In short - intriguing whisky. Contrary to our vocal critics, mainly industry and associated, we must be doing something right." I think so too! Congratulations!

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