Bruichladdich Distillery wins E250 Award

I sometimes feel like the second Laddie Blog if you consider how much I have written about the Bruichladdich Distillery lately. Fact is that Bruichladdich does have quite a few new bottlings, sends the press releases directly to this blog, and they have a way with publicity and marketing. Of course I write about the other distilleries as well when there is news and they are more than welcome to submit their press releases too! For now however it's Bruichladdich, again, and this time not with another bottling.

Yesterday was the Enterprise 250 Awards Ceremony & Dinner, held in the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow and guess what? Bruichladdich has won the Enterprise 250 Award for Innovation and Design. Congratulations! All Media Scotland was the first to publish the following press release:

The Enterprise 250 awards recognise exceptional achievement by Scotland's best performing smaller companies in areas such as leadership, innovation and focus. Only top 250 companies owned and headquartered in Scotland with a turnover between £5 and £15 million are considered by Scottish Business Insider. The award, one of seven, was presented to Bruichladdich’s Joanne Brown at a ceremony at the Radisson Hotel, Glasgow. In her acceptance speech, she said: 'We are of course very chuffed. These are interesting times, we’re a youthful, dynamic company doing it our way, challenging the industry orthodoxy. 'We’ve come a long way in short time, and are looking forward to a future of exciting new whiskies. We’re progressive Hebridean distillers - that’s what we do.'

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