Bruichladdich Distillery Still Room Works

Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios was at Bruichladdich Distillery yesterday where works are in progress to repair and add an aditional still. And as we are used from Mark he included some very nice images too. Mark said: "They have removed part of the wall of the still house, this was to facilitate the removal of one of the stills which has gone away for repair. They are also using this opportunity to install an extra still to allow an increase in the product range. The repaired still is due back this week with the works finished in about a month. One of the images shows the cut out in the floor where the new still will be positioned, which is to the side of the stairs up to the tun room."

Last week Mark Reynier reported about these works on the Laddie Blog and wrote: "After 129 years this old war horse of a still is being removed. Usually, stills last for around 40 or 50 years - depending on use - as the copper becomes increasingly thin. Amazingly, this one has lasted around three times as long as one would expect. Could it be the oldest still in use in the business? Originally built to be direct coal fired, its base was particularly thickly constructed, with the copper plates riveted together as was the practice then. While repairs have occurred over the years we felt it could no longer be maintained as before and it would sadly have to go. It would have to go to Forsyth's, for welding and polishing work, before being reinstated at Bruichladdich to carry on distilling for, who knows, another century." Continue reading....

Below two images Mark took yesterday and there are more images available on the Laddie Blog where you an see the still being loaded on the lorry.

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