Bruichladdich Distillery Pushes Forward

The Scotsman published an interesting article today about Mark Reynier, managing director of the Bruichladdich Distillery. In the last year the distillery received several bids, which were kindly refused. Instead the target for the distillery is a strong growth from 35,000 cases to 150,000 cases which would take the distillery past the £10m mark. A very impressive target and one they will certainly meet given the fact that the planning permission for the Port Charlotte Distillery is finally there. A quote from the article:

The interest in Bruichladdich comes on the back of similar approaches to Perthshire-based distillery Tullibardine and the sale of Pernod Ricard's distillery Glendronach to a South African consortium headed by whisky veteran Billy Walker. Sources say individuals representing Russian and Indian consortiums have been scouring the Scotch whisky industry in the past 18 months in a bid to acquire a distillery and tap into the growing demand for Scotch worldwide.

Mark Reynier said: "In the past year we have had around four enquiries, and a few, as a board, we are duty-bound to weigh up and consider, which we have and to date have rejected each one. "It would have to be a pretty exceptional deal to get us at all interested. We enjoy what we do. "Technically, we could grow this company into a 150,000-case distillery with a £10m turnover. The question is do we want to? We think it is a question of slowly, slowly catchee monkey. Since we acquired the company in 2001 we have gone from zero to 35,000 cases. Reynier describes Bruichladdich as the "fastest-growing single malt whisky distillery brand".

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