Brian Turner's Fishing Week on Islay

Brian Turner, or Islayfisher as we know him on this blog, visited the Isle of Islay in June for the 15th year in a row. Each year he and his friends spend a week on Islay for their annual trout fishing holiday and you can find a written account of their whereabouts on Brian's website. Funny enough they initally planned to do their annual fishing trips on different islands each year but what happens if you come to Islay for the first time? Right, you come back, and so did they as you can read in the following quote:

In the winter of 1993 myself and two fishing friends from the Scottish Borders, Charles Waldie and Keith Orr decided to bring to fruition our thoughts of an annual wild trout fishing trip to the islands off Scotland’s west coast. So it was that in May 1994 we sailed to Mull for what was a most enjoyable and rewarding maiden trip taking in the Mishnish Lochs, Loch Frisa and Loch Assapol. After our 1994 trip we made plans to visit Islay in 1995 and each year thereafter a different island. We did indeed sail to Islay in the May of that year and as I write in late 2008 we have been unable to stray beyond this captivating place with the exception of adhoc hops over to Jura during the subsequent years. In 1996 our team became four with the arrival of Jimmy Campbell to our fold. Continue reading........

Fascinating isn't it? I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Brian and his friends but we email from time to time and Brian sent me a wee account of his 15th Islay trip in the first week of June 2009: "We spent last week on Islay for our annual trout fishing holiday in what was glorious weather from Saturday to Saturday. The sun shone brightly every day and we saw no rain and only light winds all week. Temperatures ranged from 26C earlier in the week to circa 18C at the end of the week. Great weather for most but not the best for fly fishing!

That said we had a great time and visited Lochs Gorm, Cam, Fada, Leathan, Leathann, Kinnabus, School, Gillie, Ballygrant, Giur-bheinn, Finlaggan, Nan Cadhan and Drolsay. We had some nice trout up to 2lb on Gorm, Drolsay and Giur-bheinn with the one that got away nearer 3lb on Giur-bheinn! We found conditions especially difficult on Ballygrant which will prove a challenge (weed growth) for the competitors in the Commonwealth Championships. Finlaggan, Kinnabus and Gorm the other locations for the Championships should produce well if the weather conditions are favourable. During the hot spells I was able to take a photograph or two and I have posted some of the better ones on photobox."

Brians collection of images show a completely different side of Islay which is hardly known by many visitors of the island. All the more reason to visit his beautiful collection of images. Enjoy!

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