The Bowmore Way

It's been a while that I published the press release to announce a new website for Bowmore Distillery called The Bowmore Way. Here is a quote from the article to refresh your memory: "Often considered as the perfect malt, Bowmore is now is inviting consumers to discover premium experiences with the launch of a unique extension to its website – The Bowmore Way. A series of films illustrating the perfect way to make the most of experiences will feature on the Bowmore Way, with an expert providing a step-by-step guide."

Since the launch of the website there have been many additions including three videos in the whisky section. The three videos are: Cut Peat: Peat has been used to fuel Bowmore’s kiln for over 200 years. Find out how the cutting process has been perfected over time. Find out how. Time a Cask: Bowmore casks are rolled in our warehouses the traditional way. But how do we make sure these huge barrels are always ‘bung up’? and the third video is called Turn Barley and shows the Maltmen of Bowmore giving you a rare insight into the traditional skills used to turn the Barley.

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