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Bowmore Works

Christine Logan sent me some pictures of Bowmore this morning. Not the ones you usually get to see but pictures of workmen digging up the sidewalk to work on the sewage pipes. This is a major work going on in Bowmore at the moment. To give you an idea what they are doing I dugg up a story from the Ileach from the end of August:

Scottish Water has started works late August on a £300,000 upgrade of the Torra Water Treatment Works, which serves around 1,900 customers in the Bowmore and Port Ellen areas plus a large number of tourists during the busy summer period. The company says the work will: “improve the quality of the drinking water and allow Scottish Water to continue meeting the water quality regulations set by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland. It will also help to secure the water supply.”

Mr Chris Toop, Scottish Water’s regional manager, said: “Together with the project at the Port Charlotte Water Treatment Works and a £9m project to construct a new waste water treatment works at Bowmore, this work at Torra will bring Scottish Water’s current investment on the island to a total of £13.4m. The project at Torra, which is expected to be completed in October, will be carried out by Biwater Leslie Joint Venture (BLJV) for Scottish Water Solutions. Continue reading.....The work will include the automation of the plant’s aluminium dosing process and the installation of a raw water quality instrument which gauges the quality of the water coming into the plant. These will improve the works’ operation and the water quality. Project manager John MacLeod, of Scottish Water Solutions, said: “We will seek to complete this important project to improve the operation at Torra as quickly and efficiently as possible. “We do not expect there to be any disruption to the water supply to our customers or traffic disruption in the area.” This project will not address the issue of capacity and growth on Islay but Scottish Water is investigating a project between the Torra Water Treatment Works and Port Charlotte which would do so.

The people working in Bowmore this morning

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