Bowmore Trilogy - Sold for $21,600

A couple of days ago we could read on the Bowmore1779 Twitter page that they had a succesful sale at Christies. Three bottles of Bowmore, Black, White and Gold, were auctioned for a staggering $21,600 at the famous auction house in New York. Earlier they sent out a press release in which they wrote: "With the winter season fast approaching, Christie’s is delighted to announce its November 14 sale of Fine Wines and Spirits, with a special selection of spirits that are sure to ward off the chill of cold days to come. Over 40 lots of carefully-curated whisky, bourbon, cognac, armagnac, and rum will be offered from prominent sources, including the Park Avenue Liquor Shop, one of the most respected spirits retailers in the country. In addition, Christie’s is honored to have been selected as the first U.S. sales site to offer the exceedingly rare 1964 Bowmore® Trilogy direct from the Bowmore distillery in Scotland." Continue reading.....

The estimated price before the auction was set between $18,000 and $24,000 so they ended up roughly in the middle. Now this Bowmore Trilogy is something very special and in that same press release you can read how proud they are to have this auctioned: "The 1964 Bowmore Trilogy is certain to become one of the most-coveted items on the wish list of every devoted whisky collector this season, the 1964 Bowmore Trilogy is a three-bottle lot that includes the newly-released Gold Bowmore, White Bowmore (released in 2008) and Black Bowmore (released in 2007). As one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, and the first distillery to be established on the island of Islay, Bowmore is regarded by many as the best balanced single malt Scotch whisky in the world, characterized by wonderfully rich and complex flavors. Located on Islay’s shores of Loch Indaal, the distillery’s close proximity to the sea and its adherence to traditional production methods are vital factors in creating its warm, smoky character. Like the previously-released whiskies in the Trilogy, Gold Bowmore matured below sea level in the distillery’s celebrated Number 1 vault. Over 44 years, it developed a rich, gold color and a complex balance of aromas and flavors reminiscent of exotic fruit, vanilla, and gentle peat smoke."

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