Bowmore Harbour Dredging

Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios was in the Bowmore area last week where he took an unusual image which he sent to me and included the following info. Mark: "Bowmore Harbour Association have been conducting two days of dredging work to increase the depth of the harbour especially around the entrance area.

They were making good use of the current low tides and with the wind in a favourable NW direction also helped keeping the tide back for longer. This was complimented by the generous offer of an excavator and driver from Biwater Leslie who are the contractors for the Bowmore Sewerage scheme works. The recovered silt was being placed outside of the breakwater wall in front of the Lochside Hotel where it will get washed further up the beach with the tides. The last time works of this extent were carried out in the harbour was about nine years ago."

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