Bowmore Distillery Boiler Transport to Islay

I am not planning of making a habit of publishing videos here every day, afterall not everyone is interested in them, but this one is good enough for an exception, in fact it's a great video. It's a series of five about the transport of a new boiler and still from the mainland of Scotland to Bowmore Distillery on Islay. In part one you see the boiler leaving Renfrew on a low loader, on bank holiday Monday in May 1964. The replacement was needed because the old one needed to be replaced due to it's age of 20 years and because of an increased demand. In part 2 the boiler leaves Rhu naval base on the west coast of Scotland on a landing craft, a combined operation of the Army and Navy that had never been carried out before. In part three the landing craft travels over the sea to reach Loch Indaal early in the morning where the crew sees Bowmore appearing in the mist. Part four shows the landing operation and you can see the first truck leaving the landing craft and driving through the water to the shore at Bowmore. It's now time for the truck with the boiler....... and in part 5 the truck stops just after it left the landing craft and it's stuck! Tim Morrison explains what has happened and how dozens of people help to get the boiler into the distillery! The last episode ends with a nice view from Bowmore and the Round Church. All five episodes can be seen from the embedded video below, just click play and they will be displayed one after another. Total playing time is fifteen minutes! Enjoy :-)

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