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Bowmore across Loch Indaal Islay

When you're at the north end of Loch Indaal, between Bridgend and Port Charlotte, you get some beautiful views of Bowmore across the Loch. I've tried several times to take some nice pictures, also with the new 100-400mm, but the results haven't been that great. Either the conditions were too hazy, first image, or the light was just wrong, second image. I guess it's a matter of being at the right place with the right conditions and as a part time inhabitant of Islay such as myself a sometimes difficult task. I must admit that my camera settings were wrong in the first week of my holiday when the two pictures were taken and perhaps my skills as photographer need some improvements as well!

Bowmore across the loch with hazy conditions

Bowmore with evening light

James Deane sent me an image last week showing the view of Bowmore across the Loch I had in mind but wasn't able to create so far. James waited for the perfect conditions and when they arrived he headed for Uiskentuie and created a beautiful panorama image of Bowmore with the same lens I used. You can see the results below.

Bowmore seen from Uiskentuie by James Deane

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