Book Launch at the Lagavulin Distillery

Excited guests crammed into the Lagavulin Distillery for the launch of Justin Ruthven-Tyers’ book on 1st March. His book Phoenix from the Ashes has been featured heavily in the national press and radio – and the Islay launch was the culmination of all the publicity.

Showing dramatic images of a fire which swept through their house some years ago, Justin explained to the 100 or so guests how the experience instead of diminishing him and his wife (Linda) it had made them both more fearless, and more adventurous… and had lead to their building a fifteen ton classic yacht as complete amateurs.

They lived on board for seven years, and the book is a fast paced and witty account of their travels, and the people they met during their voyage.

And their connection with Islay? – During the boat build they decided to call their pretty vessel Caol Ila …because it’s a pretty name. And now that they have come ashore for a while, where else could fate lead them but to a house within hailing distance of the Caol Ila distillery?

Justins book is available online via Amazon for only £5.99

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