Special Bike Journey on Islay and Jura

Someone sent me a link yesterday to a post in a forum from two bikers who set themselves a target to drive all the roads on the Scottish Islands. Quite a challenge and last weekend they headed off to cover Islay and Jura. They started 6.30am from Renfrew to head for the 9.45am ferry from Kennacraig to Port Ellen. "Waterproofs on at the side of Loch Lomond as the skies opened, and it was like that for the 100 miles to Kennacraig", talking about a challenge... From what I've read they managed to drive all the roads on both Islay and Jura and they also took many many pictures which are posted in the forum. Before I start repeating what they already wrote I'd like to give you the link to this very interesting travel report which you can find, in two seperate sections, here. I hope the author doesn't mind that I nicked an image, it's only to show you how their bikes crossed the Sound of Jura on the ferry. Enjoy the travel report

On the ferry and the bikes tied down

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