Big Bang on Islay

The BBC published an article on their site today titled "Big Bang on Islay". The story is about a World War II mine that was washed up on the shore. Below the quote of the BBC story is a video from Youtube with the result of the controled explosion.

A member of the Royal Canadian Navy had a day he will not forget when he blew-up a World War II mine. Lt John Keenan was on an exchange with the Royal Navy when he was called in to deal with the mine which washed up on a deserted beach on the Isle of Islay. The 500lb seaweed-clad device was identified as a British Mk 17 mine and was still live. After a short operation, its was safely disposed of in a controlled explosion supervised by Lt Keenan who said: "It was a fantastic job, just the kind of thing I came over from Canada to do. We get the training in Canada but not the actual experience."

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