Bholsa North Islay

April the first already today, it's amazing how time flies. Our local weather forecaster predicted minus fifteen and snow for later this week... Right, April fools! But it is chilly and quite different compared to the glorious weather of a week ago. Speaking of weather, James Deane already mentioned the increase in blog posts due to the nice spell of weather. He also sent me a few very special pictures of a midnight walk to Bholsa on Islay's north coast for which I'm very grateful. Bholsa can be found roughly between Rhuvaal Lighthouse and Killinallan Point at Loch Gruinart. This remote area has a particularly wild and beautiful coastline with some very nice features such as natural arches, remote beaches and coves. James compared some of the pictures with "Star Trek Sets" at night and I understand why. Before I show you the pictures James sent me I want to let you know that we are still, or actually again, very busy with our home redecorations which means that there will likely be only a few blog posts this week, if any. I will do my best! For now enjoy the pictures James sent me and don't forget to visit the link at the bottom to his Facebook page where you will find lots more!

Star Trek set on Islay

Looking west to Killinallan Point

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Wild coast

Remote beach and Arch

The full album with around 50 images is available on Facebook

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