Being Free in Islay - Super8 Video

I found a nice video title "Being Free... in Islay" composed of a collection of super 8 shots probably taken somewhere in the midst of the 1980s judging by the model of the car. The video was composed at double or triple speed at times but there is enough interesting to see if you watch carefully. The music, sinister disco, blends in well with the fast moving images. You get to see Islay from 20 years ago, a bit of surfing at Machir Bay, the cottages at Bunnahabhain, snow on the hills, people having fun and the same people celebrating hogmanay with a bottle of champagne. What struck me most about this video was a scene at the end where you see a strange looking cloud over one of the Paps which almost looks like a volcanic explosion. Trust me though, as far as I know that never took place in recent history! It's different video than usual but fun to watch. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009
Those clothes and the surfboards don't look 80s to me (nor does the car in front of them in Kennacraig). But more importantly, the Hebridean Isles (which the ferry clearly is) is only on the Islay route since 2000/2001. Which most likely places the video into the early "noughties".