Becky's new Islay Greeting Cards Website

It's only a couple of days ago that I announced a new Islay website and today I found three more recently started websites. The first one, which I will discuss today, belongs to Becky Williamson who works at the Natural History Trust and is known on this blog through the magnificent coastline walk she finished this year. Becky also takes pictures and she is really good at it, in fact she is so good that she uses them for her beautiful greetings cards from Islay which she sells through her website, and in the summer season at the Made on Islay Markets in Port Ellen and Bruichladdich. A wee quote:

My name is Becky Williamson. I moved to Islay from the city in August 2004 and have never looked back. Island life suits me; the scenery is amazing, the air is healthy, the pace of life is ideal and it’s a safe environment for the kids. I enjoy walking, bird-watching and, of course, photography. There are ample photo opportunities here so Islay scenes are featured on a lot of my cards.

Her website is called Solus-is-Sith which means "Peace and Light". A well chosen name because peace and beautiful light are exactly what her pictures reflect! The cards in her online shop come in various sizes with different (Islay) themes. She also sells a calendar from which a good part is passed on to a charity, the Marine Conservation Society, and a whole range of bookmarks for as little as £1.00. If you are looking for a print from any of her pictures you are welcome at her other website at, and you should take a moment to have a look at the pictures from the Outer Hebrides too, they are magnificent!

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