A Very Beautiful Islay Winter Video

I wouldn't say that of my own Islay video's I've created so far but the video I want to show you below is probably one of the most beautiful Islay video's I have seen so far. And you guessed right, I didn't make it! It was Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding who gave me a copy in spring and permission to put it online. The video is made by a French crew who were on Islay a couple of years ago in the midst of winter. The video portrays Jeremy Hastings and his family and, in the full version, Donald James McPhee, the headkeeper of Dunlossit Estate. The French crew managed to capture a perfect atmosphere and beautiful light conditions. The original movie is almost one hour long, but what you see here are the first eight minutes. The spoken language is French although you will probably pick up some English here and there as well. My French isn't good enough to provide a full translation but I will try to arrange something and at some point release the full video complete with English translation. If anyone of the French speaking readers would like to help me, please contact me! For now, please enjoy some breathtaking scenes of this stunning movie, and don't forget, there is more to come!

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